Thorsten Marquardt
Managing Director of E.ONs Corporate Accelerator Program :agile

Thorsten started to build :agile up in summer2013. The program fosters early stage startups to develop their business modeland got to market faster. Thorsten has over fifteen years of strategic andoperational experience in the energy sector. He has always been a lateralthinker, a great change manager and a coach. Permanently seeking for innovationtopics he doesn’t mind swimming against the tide. His willingness to change andfollow new paths has been characteristic for his career. Bevor starting with:agile he worked in North Africa as Director Public Affairs for the DesertecIndustrial Initiative. And bevor that he was Head of Strategy and Analysis in Malmö,Sweden for E.ON Sverige AB.


Panel Title: REQUIREMENTS FOR A SUCCESSFUL COOPERATION ( Event Space: Panel, 13:30 – 14:30, February 8th)

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