Workshop - How to Build a Company in 100 Days - Corporate Innovation Based on Data, Design Thinking and Cloud.

Description: Within the workshop we want to analyze and deconstruct the attendees company’s value chains, based on their digital resilience potential. Subsequently we will develop and visualize digital business models based on the GTD framework and design possible testing scenarios.


Target: Exchange of experiences while developing, evaluating and testing digital business models and the presentation of the GTD framework.


Target Group: People working in the field of digital innovation, intrapreneurship

or product management.



  1. Presentation of the Framework – Data Driven Innovation
  2. Working in Teams to Deconstruct Each Others Value Chains
  3. Analysis of Disruption Potential
  4. Evaluation of Resilient Business Models
  5. Exchange to Find Potential Testing Scenarios

Max. Number of Participants: 16
Workshop Leader: Ludwig Preller, Philipp Freytag von Loringhoven, Marianne Palma Calderón, Dritan Mulla

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