Katarzyna Krolak-Wyszynska, CEO, New Business Designer, Chief Opportunity Explorer

Katarzyna is the CEO of INNOVATIKA. She has been working in strategy and innovation for almost 20 years. She focused on designing and implementing innovative business models that generate revenues and stable growth. Katarzyna has a broad experience in incubation and accelerations programs, worked with startups and with corporate entrepreneurs in many industries – from telecoms, banks to e-services and energy companies.

DAY2 FACILITATED PEER GROUP: Verticalization: Another hype is coming?

How to create a type of strong intimacy in relation with customers?
How to become a trusted expert and first choice partner?
How to disrupt existing horizontal behemoths?

Verticalization is offering the answer to those questions. Organisations who make good use of it range from accelerators to startup service providers as well as big brands who want to grow and successfully compete. Being vertical allows companies to focus on a certain industry (like Level39 on fintech), on a certain customer segment (like Lemonade.com on insuring urban dwellers) or on a certain process that includes industry players (like Visa Innovation Incubator in Poland).

Corporations can employ verticalization in many ways, by narrowing value proposition to a specific customer need or trend, by building marketplaces that make matching experience fundamentally better, by establishing partnerships with clients, suppliers and brands that result in incubating new standards, new processes and new value for customers.

During the session we will share experience of Innovatika in building vertical products as well as in running verticalized incubation processes and we will encourage you to discuss how to disrupt your industry with verticalized initiatives and offerings.


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